What is the true cost of interruption?

Despite the extensive efforts enterprises invest into IT infrastructures. organizations continue to struggle with database losses, hardware failures, and software downtime issues that can last from a mere few minutes to several long days.

Even with strong internal structures, IT issues can affect CRMs. ERP’s, limit access to emails or networks for organizations.

Average IT downtime can cost as much as $6000 per minute. Businesses have different operations and due to this the real cost of downtime differentiates and can be upwards of $540,000 per hour.

But there are other costs that we do not consider. Costs that might affect productive work activity.

For example. imagine an interruption occurring in an office where a colleague tells you the email service is currently down. While that interruption alone takes time to resolve, a study by UC Irvine determined that it can take up to 23 minutes for an average employee to refocus and get their mind back on track after an interruption like that.

This being just one interruption, say that later that same day another colleague tells you that they cannot access their CRM system due to an IT related issue- now it adds up. A study performed by Carnegie Melon University in US determined that cognitive function is reduced by 20% after an interruption. This means your A+ work performance can drop to a C+ due to just 1 day of interruptions.

A report done by the Washington Post determined the average time on interruptions per one workday is 238 minutes not including the additional 80+ minutes it takes to get back on track. Add to that another 50 minutes of downtime due to fatigue and stress.

Now that’s a lot of wasted time and resources.

This is just one example of a type of interrupted day that can disrupt a business’s activity. This is only multiplied when factoring in Cyber Security threats, Network issues, Data losses and more.

An IT MSP isn’t there to take control away from your business but rather give control back in the hands of the business so that they can master their time and efficiency.