Today’s business environment demands to have a robust IT infrastructure. We have been heavily relying on the services that allow us to work from home during this pandemic. Is your small business adapting to these changing scenarios? Are you ready to deal with problems that may occur at any time? If not, it is time to work with a managed service provider (MSPs).

Managed Services Providers abbreviated as MSPs are third-party companies that help businesses with their IT operations. MSPs are not only responsible for 24-hour monitoring, management, and maintenance but also help businesses resolve problems in IT infrastructure.

Most of the time, businesses do not have the technical skills required to grow their business. Without expert advice, companies may experience unavoidable downtime and security threats. According to a survey, almost 28% of companies were able to focus on their business goals because they chose to work with MSPs. MSPs can not only help your business meet goals, but also they can help avoid and resolve any issues.

A top-performing managed IT service provider is responsive and provides critical support 24-hour. MSPs usually offer flexible pricing models and provide top-quality security to your sensitive data. MSPs offer backup recovery options to protect and secure data in downtime. Let’s talk about a few common problems that MSPs can resolve for your business and how a good service provider can help your business grow.

1. Cyber Threats: Any business must protect its data, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. These businesses are more vulnerable to cybercrime, data breaches, and security threats in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, more than one-fifth of small to medium-sized businesses have experienced cyber-attacks such as spyware, malware, ransomware, viruses, and more. Service providers can help your business protect and safely keep its data.

2. Downtime: IT downtime is a big profit loss for most businesses. An average IT downtime can cost around $5,600 per minute. Businesses can have around 14-15 hours of IT downtime annually. This does not impact the overall business’s profit but also the amount of profit share but also affects employees’ productivity down the line.

However, a good, reliable, and responsible managed IT service provider can help your business reduce downtime. When it comes to your business’s IT needs, you can rely on services providers who are available 24/7 with their robust support system. A quick response time helps your business resolve most of the issues before they cause a bigger problem.

3. Employee Disconnect: Your managed IT service provider can help your business adapt to new technologies and transitions. Up-to-date software and advanced technology can help employees collaborate in a better way. It also promotes teamwork. A software can help businesses of all sizes to manage their workload. Software like Microsoft Office 365 can help organizations communicate effectively with the ease of sharing data, scheduling meetings, and much more.

4. Data Deficiencies: Every business needs reliable and flexible data solutions. An MSP can play a vital role in the success of any business. A good IT provider can ensure that your data is stored safely and is easily accessible for your company whenever needed. Your managed services providers can craft a custom plan to support a long-term growth strategy for your business. MSPs not only securely store and protect your data from security threats but also saves you money.

5. Growth Restrictions: When it comes to a long-term growth plan for your business, it is more than just securing your data. Your managed service provider can help you create a strategy tailored to your business needs. A good strategy includes everything from security compliance, backup planning, staff augmentation, disaster recovery plans, and much more. Additionally, proactive maintenance and managed IT services can help you find and resolve problems before they damage your IT infrastructure.

A good managed IT service provider is a need of all small to medium-sized businesses. It can promote a productive workplace culture, boost productivity, push your business growth, and most importantly protect data. MSPs can prevent, or at worst, mitigate any problems that your business might face. Check out our website for more information about MSPs. Or, have a conversation with an expert about your business support and growth!