Managed IT Services Help Reduce Costs and Lowers Risks for the Financial Industry

With rapid growth and progression especially in the financial industry, companies dealing with finance and accounting are finding the need for IT support now more than ever. Technology is changing the way businesses handle finances and how clients have access to that data. This includes the now more common use of cloud services, IT infrastructures and security protocols.

The true benefit of working with an IT services company comes from having support that extends beyond what an in-house team is capable of managing. Enhanced security, data backups, data hosting, disaster recovery plans, 24/7 support and financial-specific IT experience. Enabling employees to be able to work on large files and safely access client data are just a few of the benefits that financial companies are gaining while working with an IT service partner.

Managed IT service providers use past data for current issues. They learn from what they have previously helped other financial firms with and bring that experience to the forefront right from the start. Shift IT is seasoned in dealing with the highly sensitive data concerns and issues that financial companies face. There are certain vulnerabilities that financial companies are just not aware of as, just like any field, IT is an area that needs to be constantly monitored, studied and evaluated so that the company can be steps ahead of any technical issues that may arise or cyber threats.

In the area where mobile banking or accounting is involved, there are certain protocols that must be followed and the challenges most companies face are that while they are constantly seeking to innovate and progress forward, they have to also stall and ensure they are meeting security requirements.

This is why working with an IT service provider is a partnership that creates breathing space for financial companies that are looking to grow rapidly with the competition and not be delayed due to technical issues or threats that are out there.

If these are concerns that your business currently has then allow Shift IT Solutions to do a full Health Check of your current IT infrastructure to present the areas of concerns and a strategy that would resolve those issues.