The coronavirus crisis is upon us and hackers out there have wasted no time finding new ways to spread malware and make the buck. It has been seen that the size of internet users doubled over the past decade due to the new trend – Work From Home. Somehow, we can say that it is one of the primary reasons for increasing cybercrime. An attempt by an attacker is made either in the form of phishing emails, generating malicious apps, or creating fake domains. The presence of hackers on social media is now more and their fraudulent tries are on the rise to freeze the systems and steal the user’s data.

As per the Cybersecurity Ventures, the estimation has been done that these continuous attacks during COVID-19 will pose big damage and the cost of crime to the global economy grow by 2021 i.e., $6 trillion annually. It is a clear representation of big disruption, loss of productivity, and reputational damage to most of the organizations in the coming time.

The Spread Of Ransomware During COVID-19
Criminals are now jumping to the COVID-19 themed emails that contain a message of COVID vaccine to target the victims and pose damage. The purpose of this malicious ransomware is to encrypt the hard drive of the system which further enables attackers to demand users for money for unlocking. There is also one software created to provide fake data about the virus that is named “Coronavirus map”. Also, the mobile app appeared to steal the baking details containing fake information like “Ways to Get Rid of Coronavirus”. On the other hand, bad domains are also created to provide VPN to those who are working from home which further poses harm when accidentally downloaded by a user from untrusted sites.

How To Avoid Ransomware?
The sudden rise of the remote workforce has introduced more risks to businesses these days. It has become easier for cyber attackers to target the victims and make fake promises to access systems and gain important information. Tacking with cyber-attacks requires the same advice as one normally does. Such like avoid clicking on unknown clicks, make the download of any software only from a trusted domain, and verify the accuracy of any website’s URL before login.

Some More Tips
Establish A Cyber Alert Systems
By setting up a cyber alert system, organizations can take full control of their sensitive data and keep them away from the effects of compromised information.

Never Say No To System Updates
Ignoring the systems updates can put you at a big risk as they are security protection for your device. Keep up with necessary system updates to ensure zero harm.

Don’t Wait For Cyber Attacks To Occur…
Cyber crimes are everywhere, and they aren’t going anywhere. The threats are now growing rapidly and becoming more and more expensive. And prevention is the only key that one can opt to mind at rest. If you start following the above measures, then no one can put you in trouble of losing essential data. For more help to better tackle the new threats, feel free to speak up with the best IT Consulting Companies in Toronto today!