Cyber Security attacks are one of the biggest concerns for businesses of all sizes these days. Attacks including data breaches, spyware, phishing attacks, DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) are some of the major types we find. A 2018 study by Cisco found that almost 53% of small and mediums sized businesses had experienced a breach. To add to the problem – businesses require a lot more data than ever before, so there is a lot more to secure.


According to one survey in 2014, almost 60% of the cyber attacks were focused on small businesses. Although big corporations are a larger target for attacks, they also have many resources such as high-quality security tools and top-notch IT professionals. They work on protecting the data and making their network even stronger to prevent any kinds of cyber threat. On the other hand, small-sized businesses do not have the same quality resources or they have fewer resources. They usually have a very small budget for IT; so they do not pay attention to the security of their network.

Only one successful cyber attack is enough to close down your business. Don’t allow your business to become the next victim with weak security systems in place. These data breaches and cyberattacks can not be stopped with just antivirus software. Experts like Shift IT Solutions can show you the way to protect your data, keep your network secure, and keep the integrity of your data protection flawless.

Most businesses in Toronto choose to mobilize their manpower. Although mobilization provides you more efficiency in your work and is more convenient, it makes your business vulnerable to security threats. Companies tend to skimp on employee training and some policies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can lead to these threats. There are many mobile apps that can infect your phone with malware. Chances are high that employees’ mobile phones are compromised with that malware that can impact the overall security of your business. Devices that are being used to access your business data and share files can create a problem for your business as they are exposed to external threats. It is important to monitor and secure your employees’ devices and software to protect valuable information.

These are a few steps that small businesses can take to protect their business from cyber threats. Businesses often do end-user training, using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), using antivirus and firewalls, but it is not enough. An expert can do vulnerability scanning, software-defined networking, set up the virtual private network (VPN), maintain cloud security, and keep your software up-to-date. Additionally, they can do penetration testing, phish testing, risk assessment and prevention, and password management to make your network even stronger.

Do not wait for a cyber disaster to happen within your company, contact Shift IT Solutions today and secure your valuable data and network.