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We monitor your IT so you can focus on the things that matter.

Conveniently based out of Oakville, GTA also serving in Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and Vaughn

Real-time view – You will have a real-time view and insights of your network.

Purpose-built appliances –Your business network might require personalized purpose-built appliances to help protect your network. You can have it designed and installed by our technical and experienced staff.

Simple Network Security – Your network need not be complex in order to be secure. Keep your network simple and understandable for employees while having it protected by us.

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    Web Filtering – Control what websites are accessible by your employees. This way you can ensure the safety of your network from certain types of web based attacks.

    Most Recent Security Patches – Resolve vulnerabilities in the network that could allow cybercriminals to gain unwanted access into your devices or data.

    Remote Network Monitoring Services: – Our team actively monitors and handles security events reacting quickly with solutions.

    Shift IT Solutions takes a proactive approach against network issues, hackers, phishing scams, malware and threats to your organization’s valuable assets and reputation. We set in place a strategy to understand the potential entry points for system attacks in your business and tackle them early on.

    Multifunction and Superior Performance

    We have the team with the right type of expertise to fulfill your network security needs efficiently.

    Regular Inspections

    Keeping the network secured is an ongoing process, and with continuous changes, your network can adopt vulnerabilities. We monitor and perform regular inspections of the network which keeps us updated on any changes that occur. This also allows us to monitor any security concerns and be prepared to respond in an event an incident takes place.

    No Two Business Are The Same

    We understand that each business has it’s own method of running operations and therefore require different tech tools and means of use. We know different networks require different types of security solutions. We will design a specific custom-tailored and proactive security solution for your network based on your needs.

    24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

    We establish baselines for your servers performance based on it’s utilization to identify threats and resolutions before they can compromise the infrastructure. We will track and provide continuous network health status reports that are transparent, easy to understand and shows the activities being managed.

    Ensure Business Continuity

    We know that any downtime will result in a loss of revenues for your business. As an IT partner, the security and performance of your network is what our services performance is based on . We keep a close eye on the internal vulnerabilities, malicious intent, loss of connectivity, or any other electronic or mechanical malfunction in the network. We keep you alert on all activities and only approach with solutions to issues.

    Innovative yet affordable

    Our services are customized to meet your network requirements, and we keep evolving our strategy according to your business needs. If that means upgrading our softwares, technology or methods – we do so to adapt to your business needs and make IT sense to you. We understand you are working with us to get proactive IT support and technology management in your business but you also don’t want us to be a burden on your finances.
    We keep our services affordable, which means you can have a long-term partner and not a one time temporary fix.

    Network Security

    Secure your Network today and Identify risks before they occur
    We will evaluate your current network, provide a complete assessment of your security
    health an implement a complete CUSTOM comprehensive security solution

    Benefits with Shift IT Solutions in Greater Toronto Area

    Identify risks, reduce costly fines and eliminate delays caused by security breaches

    Shift IT Solutions offers Network Security services in the Greater Toronto Area for Small to Medium businesses across many key industries including finance, transportation, law, manufacturing, education, non-profit and others.

    Based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada with a main focus of services in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughn, Etobicoke and Toronto – Our team understands the challenges that small to medium sized businesses face in our community.

    In order for businesses to maintain a competitive edge above competitors, they need relevant, high-class performing products, business support, people and technology. This includes IT infrastructure, IT support and consultation.

    We pride ourselves on answering our phone live when you call with an issue, and will then proceed to resolve your problem. We understand that you’re counting on us to take swift action, our reputation is only secured by the level of efficiency we provide your team.

    Our main goal is to make sure your business runs smoothly without any issues affecting productivity. The last thing any business needs is technical issues and setbacks that lower their performance, affect their services and customers and delays the company’s progress.

    At Shift IT, we don’t believe in providing our clients with different tiers of support. Every client receives the same level of attention, effort and IT support when needed. We treat every client the same as our goal is to work with you as partners for a long-term foreseeable future. Therefore we dedicate only the best technology, IT and cyber security experts to each of our clients

    Benefits of Network Security services


    Hiring network security services proves to be cost-effective in the long run. You are paying to maintain a strong secure performance for your team in order for them to execute their task on a strong network. You’re also minimizing risks of ransomware and other breaches.

    Innovative approach

    Keep up with the ever-changing technologies and make your network more secure. We don’t provide a cookie cutter one-size-fits all solution, as we understand your business’s operations are unique. We have a strategy session with you to understand your business objectives, utilization and team needs. In order for us to manage your IT needs we have to understand how your business works from the inside. We then customize a technology solution that fits your needs.

    Threat Detection

    Having a network security team at your side will help you to detect unknown threats before they can reach you.. The longer it takes to detect the threat, the higher chance of a hack your business can be left exposed to . By implementing firewalls and security measures that can detect unwanted attempts to networks and connected devices, we establish a proactive approach to preventing downtime caused by breaches.

    One Partner for All Threats

    Our team’s experience expands over different industries and can provide a one-stop solution for all kinds of network threats. Whether it’s malicious software, ransomware, or a hacker trying to manipulate the network; Our team has experienced it and can resolve it before it is able to do any serious damage.

    Identify the weaknesses of your network

    By learning your network and understanding it’s capabilities and limitations, we are able to equip you with updated softwares, desktop operating systems and anti-virus applications. The only way to prepare for the future is by understanding where we are today, our advisors aim is to help elevate your network’s performance and security.

    Help with Compliance

    Data breaches can leave a negative impact on a company’s reputation and directly impact their revenues. There are rules, regulations and best practices that need to be followed in order to ensure the Network is operating at a higher standard. Leaving anything unmonitored allows for room an experienced hacker can compromise.

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