It is not surprising to say that COVID-19 has affected almost every business to a great extent. This pandemic has put companies at risk of losing the reputation alongside revenue. As more and more enterprises have been now following the “Work from Home” trend, hackers are trying every possible way to make a big buck. By using harmful social engineering techniques, they attempt to steal personal information and infect computer devices. One successful attack by them further opens the doors to more and more fraud. If you have a business and don’t want to experience any kind of security breach, then the time has come to take the practical steps that help you prevent the attack and better respond to the crisis. Plus, educating your employees about the importance of data security in Toronto is necessary amid the pandemic.

Cyber-attack Techniques That Have Emerged in This Pandemic

An attack in Form of Wrong Information
Fake news has become a dangerous tool that prevents businesses from getting employees completely on board with current policy. During COVID-19, most businesses have had to deal with faked information regarding the pandemic. Criminals are also exploiting the needs of people by supplying fraudulent goods online. Such activities adversely affect employees and the performance of your business.

An attack in Form of Phishing Emails
The most common activity that is used by criminals to attack people is via phishing emails. People are receiving a lot of updates and fake emails transferred by cybercriminals containing the topics of coronavirus, remedies, and more. Such activity is done to harvest information and steal data or worse – to hold your own computer hostage against you.

Tips for Small Business to Survive the Pandemic

Know Why Security of Your Data Is Important
The most important step to secure your company’s confidential data is to understand why security is necessary in the first place. You must know that data and network breaches can badly impact the profits of businesses, their reputation, and longevity as well. For this, you can also calculate what your business is going to lose in a cyber-attack if it takes place. Take stock of what you have on your systems to get a representation of how much a breach will cost you.

Learning Best Cyber Security Practices Is Must
Protecting you and your business from cyber-attacks seems to be overwhelming and this is the reason you must learn the simple steps that you can take to protect the business from attackers. To improve your remote workforce, you can opt for a few basics like making use of long passwords, implement double authentication on the logins (2FA), personalize your Wi-Fi password, and more. Shift IT can provide an assessment that will find the gaps in your current system.

Guide & Train Your Employees about Cybersecurity
Employees play a great role in maintaining cybersecurity, especially in this remote working age. As an employer, you must take steps to have your employees follow best practices to prevent becoming a victim of a data breach.

Cyber Security Help for Remote Business Owners!
Being one of the best IT consulting companies in Toronto, Shift IT Solutions is committed to providing small to medium size businesses with the tools needed to stay safe. Our team of IT professionals offers you solutions that meet all your digital security needs.