“Pandemic”, “Stress”, and “Hacking” are the trending buzzwords amid COVID-19, where hackers are leaving no stone unturned – they are luring people with fake schemes and malware attacks. Moreover, these hackers work on the dark web, where they are always on a hunt to prey on people’s anxiety and fear. Additionally, as the coronavirus is spreading, millions of employees have turned their homes into office space and cybercriminals have aimed to attack remote workers.

Safeguard Work From Home Employees
Employees at home are targets for hackers dealing in data theft and ransomware. Companies are now investing in firewalls and VPN access as well as converting the household system into a companies-controlled system controlled by dedicated IT teams. Here are some additional safeguard measures organizations can take to prevent cyber-attack during COVID-19:

1. The easy entry point for hackers is the public Wi-Fi, so instruct employees to stay away from open Wi-Fi networks.
2. Wield MFA (Multiple-Factor Authentication) where two or more verification factors will be used to gain access to sensitive resources.
3. Make use of monitoring tools that can examine and report any suspicious site clicking or E-mail attachment downloads from an unverified sender.
4. Ask the employee to use a secure browser for work and communication which can safeguard them from malware and ransomware.

Educate Your Workforce
Teach your workers to not open any fraudulent emails, not to click on links sent by an unauthorized sender, and not to download any attachments from a suspicious source. Plus, providing them regular training on the latest cyber-attack would help them to know what to look out for. Be watchful! Be Attentive! Follow the best practices to safeguard your enterprise and employees.