Why You Should Speak With Us

 1. All of our senior staff have worked in an environment where productivity simply couldn’t stop. We understand the stress and pressure you face when your technology stops working and the desperate need to get issues resolved. We share that urgency with you.

2. Our strategic focus is business continuity. We structure our client’s environments in such a way that their technology is robust enough to absorb routine issues without impacting critical operations.

3. We understand your business. Since we are heavily involved with clients with similar business challenges we help you with your operations not just your technology. We act as a trusted advisor to help you leverage technology better in your company.

4. We understand the software packages you use and that many of the integrations they offer don’t always work as advertised. We can make them run smoother and when they don’t we can make recommendations on ones that will.

5. We work to understand the plan you have for your business and then we design the technology that will support that plan.

6. We provide best-in-class technology support, answering 19/20 calls live and providing urgent support in the most crucial moments to ensure your productivity never stops.

At Shift IT Solutions we help small to medium sized businesses to better manage their IT infrastructure. We help prevent the unexpected from ruining your company when it comes to data backup and recovery. We offer assistance with network and computer issues through our help desk and we provide you with the best network security protection possible, while also keeping your unique needs in mind.

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