Is Your Business Secure From Cyber Threats?

It is important that you know that any device, website or application is a gateway for cyber security threats. Our network and threat assessment service uses automated tools to scan your infrastructure, identify any vulnerabilities, and we leverage our IT security expertise to offer remediation suggestion to close these gaps.

Our Vulnerability Assessment includes:

Infrastructure scan of up to 500 devices connected to your network

Website security scan

Firewall configuration analysis

Review of your antivirus standards, patching process and wireless networks configuration

Vulnerability Assessment

We set up and run automated tools to check for the presence of known vulnerabilities, configuration issues and malware in your current IT environment.

The vulnerability assessment includes four components:

Infrastructure Scan:

Using our vulnerability software, we can scan your every endpoint of your organization for any know vulnerabilities, configuration issues and malware. We can also report on any key information regarding your environment such as missing windows patches.

Website Scan:

We can scan your website letting you know of any vulnerabilities such as an SQL injection, Java Risks and many other different vulnerabilities. We will generate and prioritize an action list for any vulnerabilities that need resolution.

Firewall Analysis:

We audit your firewall configurations using leading software against industry benchmarks. We will also be checking your firewall configurations for any vulnerabilities and we’ll take the action necessary to improve your set-up.

IT Practices Review:

We will review your antivirus standard, patching processes, and wireless network configurations against best practice and highlight any problem areas.

Vulnerability Assessment Results

At the end of this extensive assessment, we will provide detailed reports of key findings and recommended remedial actions. All findings and recommendations are scored on level of RISK to your business and amount of EFFORT involved to fix the identified vulnerabilities.

Flat Fee Assessment

There is a flat fee cost for this assessment as long as you meet the criteria listed in the service agreement pertaining to number of devices, locations, websites, and firewalls.

Custom Vulnerability Assessment

If you are outside of the ranges included in the flat fee assessment, we can work with you to develop a custom assessment that meets your business requirements.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Process

Evolving Threats Require Advanced Solutions

A security specialist will use automated tools to scan for vulnerabilities in these key areas. Using a repeatable proven process, we’re able to keep costs down and offer a flat fee for this Vulnerability Assessment service.

What You Get

We’ll review and provide you with:
• an executive summary of key findings,
• a detailed report with recommended remediation actions to address any vulnerabilities, and
• a consolidated list of key recommendations along with relative indicators of risk and effort to remediate.

Get Cyber Secure Now

By identifying the vulnerabilities in your business and providing you with the recommended actions, your team will now have the framework to protect your business from any future threats to your network and devices.

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If you are looking for further guidance on how to develop a strategy to tackle these problem areas, we have experienced IT professionals who can put a cybersecurity action plan in place.

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