Take a proactive approach to your IT and Technology. Prevent technical issues before they actually affect your business

Conveniently based out of Oakville in the GTA, also serving in Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and Etobicoke.

Whether you are a Small to Medium  sized business. You need IT services and support to maintain peak performance in your business operations. While we manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee, you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow with less technology headaches. Let us give you the peace of mind and the technology edge your business deserves.

Managed IT Services Help Progress your Business Forward

Predictable costs 24/7 – Our team of experts provide you exceptional, reliable service at a Flat-Fee. We cover everything IT/Technology related for you so you can continue to remain focused on business development and growth. Stay in your budget and get more done.

Ramped up productivity – Never stress again about network failures, as our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network to help prevent problems before they happen.

 We are always available – Part of what makes our managed services so exceptional is that we are always available, regardless of time or holiday. We are proactively seeking issues so you don’t have to worry about them. Our cyber security and IT team works around the clock to protect the integrity of your information and resources.

 Backup and Disaster Recovery –
We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it in a server off site.

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    Quick Help Desk Support

    Like every other machinery, failure is sometimes bound to happen. Many companies have a maintenance schedule or a team ready to fix any IT breakdown in your company but not look into why it keeps reoccurring again.

    We believe that every small mishap dents your company’s profitability. At our help desk, we always diagnose every issue to the root and permanently avoid any future occurrence.

    Remote Access Issue Resolution

    We pride ourselves on handling most issues remotely.

    All our staff are certified senior technicians that will offer solutions to your company and help solve any problem on the first call to us.

    Our staff is always available to take action on your queries immediately. We take quick action to resolve any technology issues that may come up.

    Escalated Help Desk Support

    At Shift IT, we have highly trained technicians with every necessary qualification to address any IT problem that may come up. Our technicians are well experienced in your industry and understand the types of issues that commonly occur.

    From routine maintenance, emergency network/server issues, data support, communication softwares, CRM’s support and more, our help desk team is prepared to take a proactive approach that supports all your technical/IT related needs.

    Onsite Field Tech Support

    In instances where remote fix for IT/Tech related issues is not either accessible or able to be resolved- Our IT team is readily available for dispatch. This means you’re not waiting for days to get an IT issue resolved as our IT team takes immediate responsive action.

    Our field technicians are trained to deploy and resolve your IT issues without disrupting your on-going business activities.

    Ticket Tracking & Metrics

    With an online dashboard that allows you to visit anytime, you have a transparent view of all ticket metrics. All your tickets are arranged in a way that is seamless and easy to understand. It is easy to navigate the tickets, status, time and resolutions.

    We constantly monitor and update tickets to assess reoccurring issues and find permanent solutions so your team’s efficiency is uninterrupted.

    Unlimited Issues with Unlimited Response

    Technical issues occur in companies large and small. They are inevitable and unfortunately cause productivity loss.

    Although we have many controls in place to reduce the number of issues your employees encounter, there is no cap on the number of problems we will solve for you . This means you don’t pay extra when unexpected issues occur.

    Managed IT Services

    Get a Free consultation with our IT Support Experts.
    Get a custom IT Managed services plan and price based on your business’s specific needs. Only pay for what you need.
    Our team services all over the Greater Toronto Area and is readily available when you need.

    Benefits with Shift IT Solutions in Greater Toronto Area

    Managed IT Services Partner that can boost operational efficiency by reducing IT headaches

    Shift IT Solutions offers managed IT services in the Greater Toronto Area for small and medium sized businesses across many key industries including finance, transportation, law, manufacturing, education, non-profit and others.

    Based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada with a main focus of services in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughn, Etobicoke and Toronto – Our team understands the challenges that small to medium sized businesses face in our community.

    In order for businesses to maintain a competitive edge, they need relevant, high-class performing products, business support, people and technology. This includes IT infrastructure, IT support and consultation.

    We pride ourselves on answering our phones live when you call with an issue. We understand that you’re counting on us to take swift action, our reputation is only secured by the level of efficiency we provide your team.

    Our main goal is to make sure your business runs smoothly. The last thing any business needs is technical issues and setbacks that lower their performance and hurt their customers.

    At Shift IT, we don’t believe in providing our clients with different tiers of support. Every client receives the same level of attention, effort and IT support when needed. We treat every client the same as our goal is to work with you as partners for the long-term. Therefore we dedicate only the best technology, IT and cyber security experts to each of our clients.

    Benefits of Managed IT services.

    Increased Productivity

    With less IT/Technology issues, your business is able to better run it’s operations with reduced downtime. This increases the efficiency of your service and positively impacts your customer’s experience

    Technical Expertise

    An experienced IT partner ensures they are up-to-date on new technology, IT solutions, software and cyber security practices. This will ensure your business is always progressing ahead and not falling behind competitors.

    24 / 7 Availability

    We have experienced IT technicians available around the clock to provide swift responses and fixes when needed. No issues are left unresolved or responded to. Our team understands the value of your business’s time and takes fast, efficient IT actions.

    Cost Savings

    A managed IT service partner allows you to focus on business operations and less on technology issues. It allows you to save on high salary expenses of an in-house IT person that isn’t fully trained on all aspects of IT and has limited resources for when it actually matters.

    Better Security

    Our qualified IT technicians will identify all potential breach points limiting accessibility from unwanted users and hackers. We take a proactive approach to ensuring your data is secured and ready to tackle growing hack/spam concerns in your industry.

    Higher ROI

    By ensuring the technology your employees use runs problem free, your business is able to better service it’s customers, better communicate internally which increases employee output. This will increase your capacity to take on more work.

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