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Benefits the IT support and expertise of a team with only a single point of contact.
Conveniently based out of Oakville, GTA also serving in Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and Vaughn

Help Desk Services Let You Focus On Your Business And Be Productive while we manage any technical issues

Remote Support – This ensures that we are there to help any time you need help. Our IT/Tech is available to take remote actions when needed to resolve and IT issues.

On-Site Support – When issues can’t be resolved on-line our team will dispatch one of our technicians to visit your site to resolve the issue and avoid operational delays.

Toll-Free Help Desk Support – We make it easy for the customers to call for help so that we can retain customers. Toll-free help desk calls are just the right way to do so. You can call us on our toll-free number and can get your issue resolved in no time.

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    24×7 Responsive Support – The support services that we offer are designed to be available 24/7. With rotating shifts, we ensure that we are managing and responding to IT/Technology concerns in real-time.

    Certified IT/Tech Team – Our staff is experienced in providing IT/Technology support in various industries. This allows us to create custom strategy plans that fit business specific needs and capabilities.

    Give your business a chance to grow at a rapid pace by hiring help desk support services from Shift IT Solutions

    Why Choose Us?

    Proactive Support

    Whether your business is just starting out or is scaling to expand into different territories – Our help desk support provides custom designed affordable plans that don’t burden your budget. Our intention is to build a long lasting relationship and in order to accomplish that we scale with your business needs and utilization. We provide a fixed transparent rate that gives you the peace of mind to grow and expand as needed.

    Predictable and Low operating costs

    We know it can be difficult for some companies to invest much in IT help desk support, especially when their business is in the early stages of growth. For the very reason, we have kept the prices of our services pretty affordable.

    Since different businesses have different needs, call us and provide us with your business’s details and get a free quote for the services you are looking for.

    Remote Access Resolution

    We are able to resolve the majority of IT/Technology related issues with a remote desktop connection or by guiding your employees to resolve the issue on their end. Our experienced staff is knowledgeable and well equipped but most importantly can explain what they are doing in normal terms that is easy to understand. We resolve tickets quickly and record all actions taken for your reference.

    Onsite Field Technicians

    At some point we may reach a limit to the type of support we can provide remotely but this doesn’t mean that your IT issue is left unresolved. We immediately escalate the request and dispatch a field technician to come to your site and provide technical support where needed. Our technicians are experienced in working in different environments without disrupting the flow of your operations.

    Technology Upgrades

    As an IT/Technology partner and advisor, our team will take proactive initiative to keep your systems up-to-date. We utilize technology and practices that perform well and do a thorough examination of the applications, softwares and technology your business is using. We then create a plan of action to upgrade your systems so it’s being utilized to maximum capabilities.

    Ticket Tracking / Metrics

    When you send us a ticket we have a simple-to-use transparent system where you can keep track of active tickets. We constantly monitor and keep track of client tickets to ensure that no tasks are missed and are handled as priority by the team dedicated to each client.Need an update on a ticket? There are no delays. Contact us and we can provide LIVE status updates on active tickets.

    Help Desk

    Wondering if the cost of working Managed IT Help Desk support will be too high? It’s Not.
    We only charge you per user, with no limits to the support we provide.
    It will cost you less than hiring a full-time dedicated IT employee.

    Benefits with Shift IT Solutions in Greater Toronto Area

    Help Desk Support that provides you unlimited issue response and reduces your IT expenses

    Shift IT Solutions offers Help Desk Support services in Oakville, in the Greater Toronto Area for Small to Medium businesses across many key industries including finance, transportation, law, manufacturing, education, non-profit and others.

    Based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada with a main focus of services in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughn, Etobicoke and Toronto – Our team understands the challenges that small to medium sized businesses face in our community.

    In order for businesses to maintain a competitive edge above competitors, they need relevant, high-class performing products, business support, people and technology. This includes IT infrastructure, IT support and consultation.

    When there is an IT issue, it hurts your business. Our managed helpdesk support team is readily available to find the issue causing the problem and resolve it before it costs you in losses. Our ticketing response time and performance is guaranteed to speed up efficiency within your daily operations and allow you and your team to handle business without concerns.

    Our main goal is to make sure your business runs smoothly without any issues affecting productivity. To simplify this further we charge you a fixed cost that covers all IT issues your team may face.

    At Shift IT, we don’t believe in providing our clients with different tiers of support. Every client receives the same level of attention, effort and IT support when needed. We treat every client the same as our goal is to work with you as partners for a long-term foreseeable future. Therefore we dedicate only the best technology, IT and cyber security experts to each of our clients.

    Benefits of Network Security services


    By hiring a team equipped with the right knowledge and expertise you are maximizing your IT/Technology support. When you hire an IT employee they are not always equipped with the experience or resources needed to scale your business.

    Time for productivity

    Dealing with IT/Technical issues can cause downtime for your employees and shift their focus away from the tasks they should be focusing on. By reducing technical issues, you allow your team to work efficiently with less setbacks.

    Fast Resolutions

    With a team dedicated to your business, tickets are reviewed and delegated fast to be resolved. Our team treats each partner as a priority and takes measures to fix and report on all IT related issues your company could have

    Systematic Resolutions

    We use framed systems for addressing technical issues and don’t leave anything to a random chance. To save on downtime, our technicians know which resolutions to try first to resolve an IT problem and which ones to try after. Through procedures our team provides solutions that can be implemented quickly

    Proactive Solutions

    Our team is consistently monitoring and generating performance reports for your computer systems, softwares and hardwares, gaining us a transparent overview of any problematic issues that may occur and allows us to take action before they do. We actively upgrade and replace broken systems as needed. We also keep track of what worked historically and re-use proven methods.

    Industry Experience

    Our team specializes in serving different industries allowing us to perform our jobs better since we have helped other clients in your industry and know the pains and headaches your business faces. This leads to faster IT issue resolutions, relevant upgrades to your systems, increased productivity, and less back and forth.

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