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Is your business currently equipped to handle a data breach, data loss, natural disaster (hurricane, fire, earthquake) or a network server crash? Your business’s data is it’s most valued possession. When it comes to Data security, we understand it’s the backbone of your entire business. We used advanced technology to protect your data and give you the peace of mind knowing that you can expand, evolve and grow your business forward.


Maintaining Business Continuity We give you business the ability to quickly resume operations in the event you need to restore your data from a backup.

Improved Customer Satisfaction Losing customer details and data can damage the reputation of the business but with our backup and recovery services you have nothing to worry about. This way, you can consistently exceed your customer’s expectations.

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    We help you to stay compliant Losing critical customer data can lead to heavy fines and significant risks. Following all rules and regulations we ensure no corners are cut.

    Disaster Loss Planning  Custom built plan that ensures you retain and have access to all your secured data in the case of a disaster.

    Data Security and Protection for your vital data

    Your company’s data is safe with us. In addition to our Data Backup and Recovery services, we help your business ensure that we proactively prevent data loss. We add a layer of protection to ensure proper backup on the data and decrease the chances of deletion. This helps prevent data breaches and also secures the data from unwanted visitors.

    Remote Data Recovery Services

    Sometimes it is necessary to have the services available right away to prevent any damage to the business. For emergencies, we have the remote data recovery and back up ready to help you out.
    Even if there is an instance where you end up formatting/changing the data by mistake, you can rely on us to help you recover the lost data and also prevent this from happening again in the future.

    Instant Recovery of Data

    You cannot afford business downtime, and we know it. We don’t ask you to wait for days or weeks to have your issues resolved. Instead, we deploy a dedicated team to start working on data recovery for your business while you shift your focus on tasks that help your business grow.

    Onsite Support

    Sometimes issues cannot be resolved remotely and require onsite support. Our team is in GTA and is available to work onsite when required. Once you reach out to us regarding your data concern, we analyze whether this requires immediate onsite support or not. While our remote teams are helping you virtually, our onsite team is able to provide you IT support in-person to resolve your tech issues effectively.

    End To End encryption

    Encrypting your data adds a layer of security to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing it. While we backup the data for you, we encrypt it to ensure that only you and authorized personnel can access the data.

    Smart Storage

    We ensure that you have local copies of your backup data stored in your office for quick and easy access should you need it.  However we also make sure that multiple, versioned copies of your data reside securely in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the event of disaster.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    “Want to make sure your Important Data never gets lost or hacked?”
    “We proactively take measures to secure your data so that the
    credibility of your business and it’s information is never compromised”

    Benefits with Shift IT Solutions in Greater Toronto Area

    Secure your data backup and recovery in one place for easy access at any time

    Shift IT Solutions offers Data back-up and Recovery services in the Greater Toronto Area for small and medium sized businesses across many key industries including finance, transportation, law, manufacturing, education, non-profit and others.

    Based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada with a main focus of services in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughn, Etobicoke and Toronto – Our team understands the challenges that small to medium sized businesses face in our community.

    In order for businesses to maintain a competitive edge they need relevant, high-class performing products, business support, people and technology. This includes IT infrastructure, IT support and consultation.

    We pride ourselves on answering our phone live when you call with an issue, and will then proceed to resolve your problem. We understand that you’re counting on us to take swift action, our reputation is only secured by the level of efficiency we provide your team.
    Our main goal is to make sure your business runs smoothly without any issues affecting productivity. The last thing any business needs is technical issues and setbacks that lower their performance, affect their services and customers and delays the company’s progress.
    At Shift IT, we don’t believe in providing our clients with different tiers of support. Every client receives the same level of attention, effort and IT support when needed. We treat every client the same as our goal is to work with you as partners for a long-term foreseeable future. Therefore we dedicate only the best technology, IT and cyber security experts to each of our clients.

    Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery services

    No more Downtime

    There is no need for your business to face downtime due to data loss. By having data backed up and ensuring that you have immediate access to it when needed. You can prevent delays that can lower business productivity.

    Avoid Heavy Fines

    With data backups, you can ensure that your business is not penalized for data losses.  Your reputation depends on the protection of your and your customer’s critical data

    Layers of Protection

    With encrypting, backing-up and securing your data you add layers of protection that allow your business to have preventive measures in data security. Your data is only accessible by authorized personnel.

    Cost Savings

    Having your data secured can save you from high fines and recovery bills that would occur in the case of an emergency. By taking a proactive approach you are ensuring a strong financial approach to managing your company’s data.

    Quick Accessibility

    With data backups, you can access the data anywhere and any time of the day. You own your data and have access to it in order to make changes or obtain information that may be immediately needed. There are no delays in access.

    Peace of Mind

    It is a lot easier for your business to perform well and execute when it is not concerned with where the data is going and who has access to it. You can actively work on growing your business while our experts constantly monitor and secure its information.

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